Former Raven Tony Siragusa is pitching adult diapers for men

Tom Brady pitching UGGS is no longer the weirdest NFL-related endorsement deal. That award now belongs to Tony Siragusa. Siragusa, who won Super Bowl XXXV with the Ravens and is now a Fox sideline reporter, is the new official spokesman for Depends Guards and Shields -- or to be less technical: adult diapers for men. 

"I'm training guys who leak a little to guard their manhood with man-style protection," Siragusa says in his new ad. Depends has apparently been going hard after the NFL demographic. Last April, the company had Wes Welker, DeMarcus Ware and Clay Matthews actually try on one of their products in a really awkward video you can see here

Depends brand director Liz Metz told Ad Age that only 20 percent of men who suffer from light bladder leakage use any products for it. Siragusa has been brought in to up that number and help promote the 'more masculine' design of the product.  

Siragusa's ad is good, but it pales in comparison to what might be the best NFL ad ever: this Bojangles commercial starring Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith and former Carolina quarterback Jake Delhomme. 

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