If you look around the parking lot at the Vikings' practice facility, there's a good chance that you'll see a lot of nice cars. However, none of those cars belong to Moritz Boehringer, because he doesn't own one.

Apparently, the German wide receiver has decided that he doesn't need a car, which is mostly notable because it means he commutes to work on foot.

That's right, there's an NFL player who walks to work, and it's not just any walk: Boehringer is covering some serious ground every day.

The wide receiver lives three miles away from the Vikings' practice facility, which means he's covering roughly six miles round trip. That's the equivalent of walking across 105 football fields a day.

It takes about 15-20 minutes for the average person to walk a mile, so Boehringer is basically walking for about an hour just to get to practice.

For the record, Boehringer's girlfriend thinks he's nuts.

"My girlfriend thinks it's pretty crazy, because, like most Americans, she drives everywhere," Boehringer said during a recent interview with Transferwise.

The German wide receiver actually has a pretty logical reason for not owning a car.

"The main reason why I walk everywhere is because I don't have a car because I wanted to save money," Boehringer said. "Every morning I just walk to the facility, and in the afternoon I walk back."

Unfortunately for Boehringer, that simple plan is going turn into a death wish once winter hits in Minnesota. That being said, it makes sense that he wants to save money. Boehringer's rookie deal with the Vikings only included $150,000 in guaranteed money. A nice car could easily eat up one-third of that.

The good news for Boehringer is that he won't have to be making his six-mile walk anytime soon. The Vikings are currently at training camp in Mankato, which means he only has to walk from his dorm to the practice field. That's probably slightly less than three miles.

Once camp is over though, Boehringer will likely be back on foot, unless he decides to break the bank and buy a car.

Anyway, you can see the entire interview with Boehringer below.