Here's why the Cowboys probably won't be able to trade Tony Romo

If Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is hoping to trade Tony Romo and get something in return, it might be time for him to give up on that fantasy, because it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. Here’s why: The Cowboys don’t seem to have any trading partners. 

When NFL free agency began Thursday, the general belief was that the Cowboys were going to release Romo and let him test the market. The day before free agency started, it seemed pretty clear that the move was going to come at some point March 9, and it seemed even more clear that it was going to come on that day after the quarterback released a video on social media where he thanked Cowboys fans for their years of support. 

The move never came. Instead, the Cowboys reportedly decided they wanted to trade Romo, which is why he wasn’t released during the first two days of free agency. The big problem with the Cowboys’ plan is that the two teams that were supposedly interested in trading for Romo aren’t actually interested in trading for Romo. 

As the Houston Chronicle reported Friday, the Texans have no interest in trading for Romo, which left the Cowboys with just one other potential trading partner: the Broncos

However, it doesn’t look like they have any interest, either. According to’s James Palmer, the Broncos are “not interested” in trading for Romo. Palmer added that the Broncos might not even pursue Romo if the Cowboys release him. 

Unless there’s a surprise team we don’t know about involved here -- and there probably isn’t -- then the Cowboys are basically out of trading partners, which is something they seem to slowly be realizing. reported Saturday that it would be a “major upset” if the Cowboys were able to trade Romo, meaning he’s likely to be released. 

Cowboys fans, make sure to watch as many old Romo highlights as you can this weekend. There’s a good chance this will be his last weekend ever as a member of the team.

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