NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Kansas City Chiefs

The Kelce brothers are arguably the most accomplished siblings in the NFL, and are making a case as one of the most accomplished brother combinations in league history. Both Jason Kelce and Travis Kelce have one Super Bowl ring apiece with the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs, respectively, as the brothers have a combined 10 Pro Bowl nods and six first-team All-Pro selections. 

What the Kelce's have accomplished in the NFL is more than impressive, but has the league been mispronouncing their last name for over a decade? Travis shared on the Barstool Sports podcast Bussin with the Boys that their real name is pronounced "Kelse," not "Kel-see." 

For nearly 24 hours, social media was confused if Kelce was actually pronounced wrong. Leave it to Jason Kelce to call SportsRadio WIP Thursday morning and clear up the situation. 

"I'll give you the story behind why my brother said that," Kelce said on the 94 WIP Midday Show with Joe DeCamara and Jon Ritchie. "My brother and I have gone by 'Kel-see' our entire lives. I still remember my dad answering the phone as Ed 'Kel-see' growing up when he was on work calls and everything. But we have a really small family, we don't have any first cousins. Somehow we got so disconnected with that side and my dad at some point, when he was working at the steel mill in Cleveland, Ohio, got tired of correcting everyone who was calling him 'Kel-see.' 

"Apparently the correct, the standard pronunciation is 'Kelse,' which the rest of my family goes by. So my dad, out of pure laziness, completely changed his last name. For some reason he decided to change it and that's what we've gone by our whole lives."

When Travis Kelce revealed the name was being pronounced incorrectly, Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill were shocked by the revelation. Luckily for them -- and the rest of the NFL-- they can still say "Kel-see."

"We've gotten plenty of messages and texts since becoming NFL players from extended family members all over the world that have told us, 'You're pronouncing the name wrong,'" Jason Kelce said. "I prefer 'Kel-see' because that's what I've gone by my entire life."

Debate settled.