Hue Jackson might not be a very good football coach -- evidenced by his 1-31 record as the Browns' head coach -- but he's a man of his word. On Friday, Jackson fulfilled his promise by plunging into Lake Erie after the Browns' 0-16 season. 

Call it a cleanse -- a cleanse from 31 losses, a minus-364 point differential, and endless heartbreak in a two-year span. According to Jeff Schudel of The News-Herald and Morning-Journal, the lake temperature was 57 degrees.

Here it is, the moment:

So, how did Jackson find himself in this situation? It began in January 2017 -- after the Browns wrapped up a 1-15 season -- when Jackson declared that the Browns wouldn't go 1-15 again.

"We can't do that. I can't do that. We're not going to do that. We can stop right there. I'm not doing that," Jackson said at the time. "We're not going 1-15. No. I'll be swimming in the lake over there or somewhere. That's not happening."

In a way Jackson was right. The Browns did not go 1-15 again. They went 0-16 instead, getting outscored by 176 points in the process, which even led to an 0-16 parade.

Somehow, while general manager Sashi Brown got fired, Jackson survived the season and remains the coach of the Browns. In mid-May, after the Browns wrapped up an impressive offseason that included the drafting of a new franchise quarterback in Baker Mayfield, Jackson revealed that he'd be making the lake plunge with other team employees and donating $100 to the Hue Jackson Foundation for every employee who follows him into the lake.

Sure enough, Jackson didn't make the plunge alone.

And by the look of it, they raised $30,000 to support survivors of human trafficking.

Really, that's the happiest ending a 1-31 stretch of football could've produced. Now, the Browns have to hope years of misery and the collecting of draft picks will finally result in a winning product. 

If it doesn't, Jackson will likely find himself out of a job with his Lake Erie plunge being the only memorable positive moment from his tenure. If it does, Jackson's Lake Erie cleanse will provide Cleveland with the perfect symbolic moment from their extensive and seemingly unending rebuild.