Browns fans' 0-16 parade raised more than $17,000 for Greater Cleveland Food Bank

A year ago, the Browns denied their fans' wishes to hold a parade to celebrate a winless season by coming away with a shocking Week 16 victory over the Chargers. This year, the Browns did not deny their fans' wishes, going 0-16 and as a result, allowing their fans to hold a parade to celebrate their achievement. Cavaliers star LeBron James called the parade "so bad that it's laughable" while Browns defensive end Emmanuel Ogbah called it "a joke" and urged fans to skip it.

It turns out, some good -- other than the crazy celebration, of course -- came out of the parade. 

When Chris McNeil planned the parade, he asked for donations that would cover the cost of the event, promising that the leftover money would be donated to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank. On Wednesday, we found out just how much money Browns fans raised for charity. 

According to Hayden Grove of, $17,157 was donated, which translates to more than 68,000 meals. And when you add up the food donations, the number of meals grows to 70,000.

It's been a brutal stretch for Browns fans, but they still found a way to turn a negative into a positive. Now, if only their players could do something similar. 

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