The Cleveland Browns didn't make the playoffs, but they still unofficially kicked off Wild Card Weekend on Saturday, thanks to their fans, who showed up by the thousands to celebrate the team's 0-16 season. 

The celebration, which was half parade, half protest and all craziness, was held at FirstEnergy Field. Although several players -- including Emmanuel Ogbah -- were angry about the parade,  thousands of fans seemed to enjoy it. Police in Cleveland estimated that a total of 3,200 people were in attendance, although one Associated Press writer estimated that there were probably more than that on hand. 

So what exactly happens at an 0-16 parade? 

Glad you asked. 

The guy in that video is half-naked, which is borderline insane when you consider that the temperature was about six degrees during the parade. 

Commitment to concept!

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Besides half-naked men, there was also at least one dinosaur. 

There were also plenty of Browns fans who were willing to make fun of themselves for supporting an 0-16 team. 

The Pope* was there with important Bible verses to help Browns fans keep the faith. (* = may not have actually been the pope). 

Glad I came back to the NFL for this.

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Santa Claus also showed up, because, like the Browns, he only works one day a year. Although you could argue, the Browns didn't work any days this year. 

Santa and the band! #perfectseasonparade

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The famous Browns quarterback jersey also made an appearance at the parade. 

Hey @brokawinc where’s Shelly?

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The only wardrobe choice more popular than a winter coat was probably this: 

There were also some celebratory jerseys because, let's be fair, 0-16 doesn't happen often and you need to commemorate in any way you can. 

SHEEEESH we’re bad!!

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The good news for the Browns is that although their 0-16 record didn't get them a playoff berth, it did get them a participation trophy. 

One person who wasn't at the parade, but was definitely there in spirit, was Johnny Manziel, which makes sense since Manziel has two of the Browns' past four wins even though he was cut after the 2014 season. 

Here's a look at someone's in Manziel jersey. At least I think it's a Manziel jersey. 

Lions fans showed up for support. 

The Lions went 0-16 in 2008, so if anyone can help fans in Cleveland cope with a winless season, it's definitely their friends from Detroit. 

Finally, you can't have a parade without a queen, and this parade definitely had one of those. Meet Cassidy Oswalt. She got a crown, some flowers and a sash that says 0-16.