It's approaching mid-June and Jadeveon Clowney has still not chosen an NFL team to play for in 2020, having played out his initial contract following a 2019 trade to the Seattle Seahawks. It's not for lack of interest that the veteran pass rusher remains a free agent, but more so because of his asking price. The former first-overall pick reportedly entered free agency this offseason with a $20 million per year contract demand, which led to some teams scratching him from their wish list immediately while others attempted to negotiate a lower salary. 

The latest rumor claims Clowney reduced his price by $3 million and there remain frontrunners to land him, but he appears in no rush to sign a deal he's uncomfortable with. One of the teams with continued interest is the one he most recently took snaps for, but it doesn't appear he's going to give them a discount of any kind. 

It's being reported the Seahawks offered Clowney as much as $15 million to return to them in 2020 on a one-year deal, per Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, but the offer was allegedly met with a shrug. Much like the supposed change in his asking price in an attempt to stir more interest, Clowney also reportedly stopped looking for a huge multi-year deal and keyed in on signing a one-year deal instead -- seeing as no one was willing to set the market on a long-term contract for a pass rusher who's battled injury and hasn't produced a double digit tally in any of his six NFL seasons. The Seahawks' one-year offer met at least one of Clowney's criteria, but not the other -- namely the 27-year-old seemingly wanting more than $15 million in 2020.

This is despite Clowney having posted only three sacks for the team last season. 

Other teams remain in play as well, but the New York Jets have removed themselves from the race and the Tennessee Titans are simply playing a waiting game. The latter has made it clear they'd like to add Clowney to the roster, but they're not pressed to do so when considering his price tag. And then there are the Cleveland Browns, who have the cap space and willingness to throw big money at Clowney, but it's reported he simply doesn't want to play for that club going forward, despite a "lucrative offer" having been put in front of him by general manager Andrew Berry. 

Time will ultimately tell where Clowney lands, but wherever it is, they can expect he won't be cheap.