The Jacksonville Jaguars currently have one of the ugliest quarterback situations in the NFL. With just two weeks to go until the regular season, Jaguars coach Doug Marrone still has no idea who his starting quarterback is going to be for the team's regular season opener on Sept. 10. 

The job was supposed to go to Blake Bortles, but he's been so bad this preseason that Marrone is now giving Chad Henne a shot to win the job. Henne will be the team's starter for Thursday's game against Carolina. 

So what happens if both quarterbacks look bad against the Panthers

Well, it seems that Jaguars owner Shad Khan wouldn't be against signing Colin Kaepernick. Before the Jags' game against the Panthers, Mike Dempsey of WJXL radio in Jacksonville ran into Khan and asked him if he'd be "OK" with the Jaguars adding Kaepernick. 

Khan's answer? "Absolutely."

Unfortunately for Kaepernick, that doesn't necessarily mean the Jaguars are going to call him tomorrow. The catch here is that Khan would only be on board with adding him if his football people recommended it. 

The crazy thing is that Marrone was actually asked about possibly adding a quarterback to the roster after Bortles struggled during the Jaguars' 12-8 loss to the Buccaneers last week. 

"I don't work with the 'outside the roster' stuff," Marrone said when asked if the starting quarterback might not be on the roster yet. "So for me, I can't answer that question. I work with what we have."

That's not exactly a resounding no. 

Kaepernick would actually make some sense playing for a Jaguars team that's built to run the ball. During San Francisco's Super Bowl season in 2012, Kaepernick was the quarterback for a 49ers offense that finished fifth in the league in total rushing yards. 

Anyway, you can bet the guy below will be hoping that the Jaguars do sign Kaepernick, and that's mainly because he's already shelled out some serious money for an official jersey. 

Politics could also come into play with the Jaguars. Kaepernick has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, who just happened to get a $1 million inauguration donation from Khan.