After watching Blake Bortles play three years of below average football, It's starting to look like fans in Jacksonville might have finally given up on him.

Not only did Bortles get booed during the Jaguars' 12-8 loss to Tampa Bay on Thursday, but now, it seems that fans don't even want to wear his jersey anymore.  Instead, at least one had a Colin Kaepernick jersey, which says all you need to know. 

When your fans are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a jersey for a quarterback who's not even on your team, that's usually a sign that they're not happy with the on-field product. 

Of course, just because a few fans want Kaepernick on the roster doesn't mean it's going to happen. To be clear, in this case, "a few" actually means a lot. 

Although Jaguars coach Doug Marrone sounded very open to the idea of benching Bortles after his team's loss to Tampa, he didn't really want to comment on the idea of bringing in a free agent quarterback. 

"I don't work with the 'outside the roster stuff,'" Marrone said when asked if the starting quarterback might not be on the roster yet. "So for me, I can't answer that question. I work with what we have."

By the way, if you're scoring at home, it's not just fans who have lost all faith in Bortles. Some of his teammates also seem ready to move on from the former first-round pick. 

Take Allen Robinson, for example. The Jaguars wide receiver cussed in frustration during practice this week after Bortles threw him a bad pass that sailed so far out of bounds that it caused Robinson to run into a reporter.

"F------ keep that s--- in-bounds bro," Robinson snapped.

That sounds like a guy who wouldn't mind seeing Kaepernick wear a Jaguars jersey. Unfortunately for some, he likely won't be involved in the open quarterback competition that Marrone and the Jaguars will be holding for the next couple weeks.