Colts owner Jim Irsay was adamant in his defense of interim head coach Jeff Saturday earlier this week, despite Saturday replacing Frank Reich without any coaching experience at the college or NFL level. He's since reiterated support for his surprise hire. Frustrated by suggestions the Colts are aiming to lose games in order to secure better draft positioning in 2023, Irsay told Fox 59 and The Athletic late Tuesday that he's open to another quarterback change in the interest of immediate success, and that Saturday's arrival has nothing to do with post-2022 plans: "We don't tank in Indianapolis."

"That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard, that we're tanking," Irsay said, per The Athletic. "That's bulls---. We're in this thing; 9-7-1 gets us (into the playoffs), no question about it. … We're not tanking the season. Whoever says these things, that we're not playing Matt (Ryan) because (of an effort to tank), that's all bulls---. That's not true. … We're going to do what it takes to win. I don't know who people think we are. They don't know us. We don't tank in Indianapolis."

Irsay is referencing the team's previous decision to bench Ryan, the longtime Falcons QB acquired this offseason, for second-year backup Sam Ehlinger, who had never started before this year. Introduced on Monday, Saturday announced Ehlinger would remain the starting QB for Week 10 against the Raiders. But Irsay, apparently, is still open to Ryan returning to the lineup, or Ehlinger taking a back seat to veteran reserve Nick Foles.

"When (general manager) Chris (Ballard), Frank and I decided to go with Sam, Frank wanted to name him quarterback for the year, but I told them, 'Look, we have three quarterbacks; we need to use them all to win this year.'" Irsay said. "If we decide to make a change, we'll make a change. It's not something we're locked into. We're going with Sam with his mobility and his play-making ability since we're struggling in protection and moving the ball. ... There was never a notion that you wouldn't go to Nick or Matt later in the season when (Ryan's) shoulder is healthy. They're all available to help us win, bottom line."

And if none of the three QBs help save the Colts' spiraling 2022 season? Irsay conceded that QB will likely be the focal point of the team's next offseason, regardless of who is manning the sidelines.

"(If) someone is there next year, sure, most likely we would probably take (a QB), but it's too early to say," Irsay said. "There's no question that's on our radar. Even if Sam's playing well, you're looking for an opportunity if there's one, because quarterback is such an important position."