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It feels like it was just yesterday when Eli Manning led the New York Giants to Super Bowl victories over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots -- the only team to do it twice in Brady's 10 Super Bowl appearances -- but it was quite a while ago. Few understand this reality like owner John Mara, who yearns for the Giants to get back to the level of success they enjoyed in 2007 and 2011, the club having gone 57-87 since their last championship, having just one playoff appearance in the process, and having lost that one. 

So as the Giants reload in 2021, he admits Big Blue suffering losing seasons is growing too long in the tooth for his liking. 

"I'd be very disappointed if things don't turn around quickly," Mara said, via The New York Post. "I'm starting to get impatient. It's been a while. I'm tired of explaining to fans at the end of every season, 'Things are getting better. We're on the right track.' 

"You lose credibility with them."

He stopped short of promising a root canal next offseason, though, should the Giants fall short yet again.

"I'm not saying we have to [make the playoffs] this year," he added. "I never want to be in that business. I don't think we're a finished product by any stretch of the imagination. We need to add more pieces. 

"But looking at the players we have added, there's reason to think we'll be in the playoffs sooner rather than later."

None of this is aimed at his quarterback, Mara clarified, making it known he believes the "sky is the limit" with Daniel Jones.

"Yes he does [look like a QB who will win a Super Bowl]," Mara said. "I can say that without any hesitation. ... I don't see why [he wouldn't be good enough to win multiple championships], if we put the right pieces around him."

It's safe to presume head coach Joe Judge isn't on the hot seat heading into this season, either, considering how players responded to him in Year 1. The same can't be said for general manager Dave Gettleman, however, which is who should truly take Mara's growing impatience to heart, and the fact Mara literally said the Giants entering another winless rut is "a fear of mine" -- pointing specifically at the Giants' four consecutive losing seasons since 2016. 

Gettleman, who took the reins as Giants GM in 2018, owns a 15-33 record and is desperately trying to climb out of the corner as it relates to supporters of the team wanting him gone long before now. As such, it's no surprise the club went on a spending spree that far and away led the NFC East this March, headlined by the additions of wide receiver Kenny Golladay and cornerback Adoree Jackson, along with the retention of defensive lineman Leonard Williams on a multi-year extension.

"Maybe that's another reason we committed so much money this offseason," said Mara. "We need to turn this team around. ... We made some miscalculations, to put it mildly, back in 2018, and to a certain extent we're still paying the price for some of those errors. But our personnel decisions improved a bit in 2019, and then significantly last year."

If anything, Gettleman seemingly has Judge to thank for his continued employment -- at least for now.

"I think the combination of Joe and Dave works," said Mara. "They don't agree 100 percent of the time, but what's impressed me so far is that neither one is engaged in any kind of power struggle. When it comes to a decision, it's a Giants decision at the end of the day, not a Dave Gettleman or Joe Judge decision."

But if the Giants keep losing as they have been, you better believe what happens next will be a Mara decision.