Stop me if you've heard this, but Johnny Manziel was spotted leaving a club by TMZ recently. No you're not Bill Murray and this isn't Groundhog Day -- the former Browns quarterback was back around Los Angeles recently clubbing when the gossip site caught up with him leaving.

This time Manziel was actually getting behind the wheel of a car (this hopefully portends good things for his proclaimed July 1 sobriety) and was enthusiastically answering questions.

Asked about his former teammate Josh Gordon -- a man whose jersey he frequently wears -- Manziel said the Browns should "absolutely" welcome him back with "open arms."

"Yes! Absolutely they should. With open arms," Manziel shouted. "He made a Pro Bowl. That guy's the man."

The cameraman (who, by the way, is almost always the same guy -- does he just kick it behind the Nice Guy club and wait for celebrities, because that sounds like a fun gig) asked him about his own future as well.

"Are you ever going to play again?"

"Absolutely brother, have a great night."

"What team do you want to play for, the Cowboys?"

"The Cowboys."

So there you have it. Manziel wants to play for the team everyone knew he would always want to play for. Remember, no one is tied to Manziel quite like the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones desperately wanted to draft ManzielJerry Jones desperately wanted to draft Manziel when the Heisman Trophy winner was coming out of Texas A&M. Search his name on Google, add a "J" and Manziel is a more relevant find than "jet." And you know Jerry Jones makes frequent use of private jets.

Jerry <3's Johnny

Jones understands he can't sign Manziel at the moment given the struggles for the former Browns quarterback. He said as much back in March, while also admitting he would love to help the young man get his life together.

Unfortunately Manziel's got a ways to go. He still needs to prove to teams he's in football shape and/or in general life shape.

He's facing a court case in Texas involving domestic violence allegations and he will face a four-game suspension from the NFL if and when he returns to a team.

It remains an uphill climb for Manziel, even if he remains excited about potentially joining forces with the folks in Dallas.