Good luck finding a dirtier player than Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict, who has, just this season, hit a teammate in training camp (when Gio Bernard was coming off a torn ACL) and been suspended for laying into Chiefs fullback Anthony Sherman with an illegal hit during the preseason.

That doesn't make it OK to hit Burfict with dirty shots, however, and that's precisely what JuJu Smith-Schuster did on Monday night. As Burfict was sprinting into position to try and tackle Le'Veon Bell on a pass play and he got absolutely leveled by the Steelers' rookie wide receiver.

Like, he straight-up smoked Burfict.

After the play, Smith-Schuster promptly stood over Burfict and taunted him. 

via NFL Broadcast

It was highly unnecessary and he was flagged for it and ultimately suspended one game Tuesday. Burfict, who suffered what we assume will be called a concussion, was carted off the field and quickly declared out of the game.

He apparently is OK, however, although not very happy.

People watching the game were not happy with Smith-Schuster's hit on Burfict, even though the Bengals linebacker has a reputation for being an aggressive tackler.

The NFL, as I wrote in my Sorting the Sunday Pile column this week, badly needs to step up and do something about meting out punishment in the middle of the game. When a game like this gets out of hand, the NFL has the ability to buzz into the officials and tell them to eject someone. Maybe just issue a warning. Do something. Anything -- just let the players know that dirty plays won't simply be punished with flags and potential suspensions. That sort of wrist-slapping doesn't do anything to curb the actions on the field and it makes people question whether they want to watch the game.