If Aaron Rodgers ever decides to quit football, he might want to consider becoming a full-time game show contestant because that might actually be his true calling in life. 

The Packers quarterback showed up on "The $100,000 Pyramid" this week, and let's just say that his opponent, Erin Andrews, never stood a chance. 

If you've never watched the show, here's the gist of it: Two celebrities are paired with two contestants to play a glorified game of Password (making their partner say the word in question without saying that word themselves) where the contestant can win up to $100,000. 

The two teams select their topics from a giant pyramid. The show is hosted by former Giants defensive end Michael Strahan. 

Although Andrews started off the show with a little bit of trash-talking, Rodgers eventually got the last laugh when he helped his partner, Brooke Snell, win $100,000. 

Here's a look at the final round, where Snell had to describe six clues to Rodgers, who then had to guess what she was talking about. Fittingly, Terry Bradshaw's bald head helped Rodgers and Snell seal the $100,000 win. 

After pulling out the win, Rodgers took to Twitter to celebrate. 

If you're wondering why Andrews didn't win, well, let's just say she definitely didn't help her cause when she mixed up the words tambourine and trampoline. 

Rule No. 1 of "The $100,000 Pyramid": Never mix up tambourine and trampoline. 

As for Rodgers, this continues his streak of absolutely dominating game shows. Back in 2015, the Packers quarterback won $50,000 for charity after he defeated Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary and astronaut Mark Kelly on "Celebrity Jeopardy!"

Seriously, he beat an astronaut on Jeopardy. That Cal degree is definitely paying off.