A week ago, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was benched for the first series of the game against the Seahawks for a uniform violation. Specifically, he didn't wear a tie -- apparently, it wasn't the first time -- and no player is bigger than the team, at least according to coach Ron Rivera.

So Cam sat and replacement Derek Anderson threw an interception on the very first offensive snap. It was a harbinger of things to come; the Panthers went on to lose, 40-7.

Fast-forward seven days and here's how Newton, restored to his rightful place atop the depth chart, looked when he met with reporters following the Panthers' 28-16 victory over the Chargers:

Do Millennials consider a bandana the same as a tie? Either way, the Panthers played at home, so a tie isn't required.

That doesn't excuse the rest of Newton's outfit, which, unsurprisingly, Twitter had some fun with.

In case you're unfamiliar with the great Tracy Morgan character:

Then there's this prescient tweet from six days ago:


As our CBSSports.com co-worker Sean Wagner-McGough-- and one of the world's biggest Friends' fanatics -- reminds us, "In fairness to Joey, Chandler took the cushions to Joey's chair."

Newton has no such excuse.

There's more grandma-related humor!

And, finally, the topical pop-culture reference: