After one month of keeping everyone in suspense, Eddie Lacy's garage sale finally went down on Friday, and apparently, half the population of Green Bay was able to take off work and attend. 

Lacy's garage sale was supposed to take place back on April 7, but that plan hit a snag when Lacy couldn't find a flight to get him from his new home in Seattle to his garage sale in Green Bay. 

The postponement of the garage sale gave everyone an extra month to plan, and it seem that in that extra month, everyone in Green Bay told five friends about the sale, and then those five friends told five friends, because what ended up happening on Friday was something that might go down as the world's most highly-attended garage sale. 

Here's a look at the line to get in:

This is what the view of the line looked like from Lacy's driveway 40 minutes before the garage sale even started!

There were actually so many people in attendance that Lacy had to set some rules down. 

For instance, only 10 people were allowed into the sale at a time. 

If you're wondering why fans in Green Bay were so interested in the sale, it's probably because Lacy's garage was basically a satellite store for the Packers' pro shop. 

At the garage sale, Lacy was selling cleats. 

He was selling hats.  

Basically, now that he plays for the Seahawks, he decided to dump every pretty much every piece of Packers paraphernalia that he owns.  

Someone even bought his deoderant. 

After just two hours of the garage sale, the only thing left was a giant sectional couch. 

It appears that he's having a difficult time selling it, because 24 hours after his garage sale started, the sectional was still available. 

If someone ends up buying the sectional, it will be for a good cause because the money will be going to charity. Before the garage sale actually happened, Lacy had said that all of the money that he makes at the sale would be donated to charity. 

Lacy had also said the the Freedom House in Green Bay would get any unsold items. Unfortunately for the Freedom House, it looks they're going to get a sectional couch or nothing. 

Lacy decided to hold the garage sale because he moved out of Green Bay after signing a one-year deal with the Seahawks back in March. The former Packers running back had been in Green Bay since 2013 when the Packers selected him in the second round of the NFL Draft