If Josh Gordon decides to have a reinstatement party, don't be surprised if he holds the thing at Johnny Manziel's house, because that's where he's been spending his time lately.

The Browns receiver, who was reinstated by the NFL on Monday, spent his weekend hanging out with his old quarterback, and things went exactly how you thought they would: They played with puppies.

The two also played some FIFA soccer on Playstation 4.

With Manziel trying to get back into football shape and Gordon now reinstated, it makes sense that they've toned down their partying over the past few months. The last time we saw Manziel and Gordon hanging out, things got slightly crazier.

Back in April, they attended Coachella, and then later trashed a $4.2 million rental house in Los Angeles. Manziel is still facing a five-figure lawsuit from that incident.

There was also Manziel's trip to Mexico. Although Gordon wasn't there, he was kind of there in spirit: Manziel wore Gordon's jersey for three straight days.

Although it might not seem like a great idea for Manziel and Gordon to hang out, it might actually be a good thing, but in a weird way. Gordon's reinstatement might be the type of thing that could inspire Manziel to make his own return to the NFL.

The Browns quarterback made a vow of sobriety on July 1, and although no one really knows if he's been sticking to it, he does definitely seemed to have cut down on his clubbing. You may have noticed that there haven't really been any TMZ videos of Manziel over the past three weeks (Although he did allegedly punch a guy in Hawaii).

Anyway, it's been a busy week for Gordon, who's racking up some serious frequent flier miles.

Six days ago, the receiver was in New York City for a meeting with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about the possibility of being reinstated. Three days later, Gordon was at Manziel's place in Southern California, and now that he's reinstated, Gordon's next flight will likely take him to Cleveland.

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