When it comes to attending a Super Bowl parade, there's really only two rules you need to follow: Don't get arrested, and don't throw a full beer can at a player's face if they're not looking.

The good fans of Boston did a good job of following rule No. 1 during the Patriots Super Bowl parade on Tuesday, however, someone didn't follow rule No. 2.

At some point during the parade, someone thought it would be a good idea to throw a beer can to Edelman. Theoretically, throwing a beer at your favorite player, a wide receiver no less, can be a great idea.

For instance, someone threw a beer to Rob Gronkowski during the parade, and then he proceeded to open it with his teeth before chugging it.

That's a textbook throw-and-catch. If Tom Brady ever retires, the Patriots should think about signing the guy who threw that.

Of course, not everyone was as lucky as Gronk. Here's what happened when a fan decided to throw a full beer can to Edelman, who had no idea that a beer was being tossed his way.

OUCH. Edelman probably just lost a tooth there.

Of course, he probably doesn't even care about his tooth because he pulled off the catch of the century, and I'm not even talking about the Super Bowl catch.

Watch that video again: Edelman has no idea the beer is being thrown his way, then he gets nailed in the face, and then he still catches the can.

Is there anything this guy can't catch?

I bet if someone threw a car at him, he'd somehow catch it.

Since Edelman's beer catch is basically the equivalent of his Super Bowl catch, let's look at the replay from another angle.

From our skycam angle, you can see Edelman as he stands over the Patriots logo at the bottom of the screen. Also, the contact of the can to Edelman's face is so painful that you get free sound effects from the person who filmed the video.

Edelman's best catch of the year! #patriotsparade

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Although Edelman didn't take home the Super Bowl MVP award, he definitely gets my vote for parade MVP.