Eagles Tears Twitter Screen Capture
Twitter Screen Capture / @JohnOwning

Compared to the in-your-face approach that Philadelphia Eagles fans are known to carry themselves with, fans of the Kansas City Chiefs are known more for celebrating their successes with an "Aw shucks" mentality straight out of the Midwestern Nice playbook. However, that doesn't mean that they can't take the occasional potshot at another team as one Kansas City milk company is now doing as part of their celebration of the Chiefs' Super Bowl LVII triumph.

Shatto Milk Company, a family-owned dairy farm based in Osborn, Mo., has released a new limited edition "Eagle Tears" flavored milk, basking in the Chiefs' Super Bowl defeat of the Eagles with a cheesecake-flavored dairy treat in a commemorative glass bottle.

"Eagle Tears" is one of two limited edition flavored milks the dairy has released alongside "Golden Age", an Apple Pie-flavored milk celebrating the Chiefs' second Super Bowl win in the past four seasons.

"Have you ever tasted eagle tears before? Neither had we. But we gotta say, we weren't expecting their flavor profile to so closely resemble cheesecake," reads the bottle. "Cheesesteak, maybe. But not cheesecake. Bottling them was no easy feat. We had to conquer the West, defend our home turf (twice!) and travel all the way to the desert and back.

"Make no mistake, Kansas City. The contents of this bottle are very precious cargo. Savor it."

For those in the Kansas City area, Eagle Tears can be purchased at Shatto Milk Company's farm store, area grocery stores, and through home delivery. While Giants, Cowboys, and Commanders fans may not get to savor the taste for themselves, the company is selling commemorative Eagle Tears bottles on their website.