The Seattle Seahawks got kind of crazy and unveiled a new alternate logo this week, but there's already one problem: No one seems to like it.

If the reaction from Twitter is any indication, the Seahawks might want to head back to the drawing board on this one. 

For the past 41 years, one of the greatest mysteries in the NFL has been the question of what the Seahawks' logo looks like from the front. Since the team's inception in 1976, they've used variations of a logo that only shows a profile view of the seahawk. 

This is that the Seahawks' current logo looks like.

The new logo shows what that same seahawk would look like from the front, and let's just say, it's not pretty. 

After the Seahawks unveiled the new alternate logo on Tuesday, Twitter quickly found out about it and then proceeded to do what everyone on Twitter does best: make fun of it.

The most obvious question with the new logo is clearly: Were they trying to make it look like Mr. Burns?

We definitely can't discount that theory. 

It's also possible that the team is planning on changing their name to the Emus, and to be honest, this actually seems plausible. 

This next tweet is basically why the Seahawks probably never showed us their logo from the front: They didn't want us to be able to identify their mascot. 

The Seahawks new logo also kind of looks like a mean librarian if you draw some glasses on it and put some hair in the right places. 

The person below thinks the new logo looks like a "Finding Dory" character and I'm kind of starting to come around on that. 

It's a good thing the Seahawks marketing team didn't ask Twitter to rate the logo before they unveiled it because I'm thinking that it would've gotten a big fat "F."

Anyway, for the fans out there who do like the new logo, I have some good news for you: You can now buy merchandise featuring the logo at the Seahawks' Pro Shop.