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This is great news for the NFL player with nagging concerns about how to properly celebrate while on the job. NFL and executive V.P. of football operations Troy Vincent explained in a tweet Tuesday that, “We’re developing an educational training video for players to show clear examples of appropriate and inappropriate celebrations.”

If this sounds ... well, silly, you’re not alone. Here’s Packers tight end Martellus Bennett, who was as apoplectic as he was unimpressed.

“An educational training video on celebrations? Spend that money on something else like a video on investments or something that will help the players,” Bennett wrote on Twitter Wednesday evening. “Who gives a s--t what guys do when they celebrate. Do something impactful. Y’all wasting guys time with this s--t. Let the players express their individuality and creativity. Y’all gonna make an educational video on how we should talk next?”

Bennett wasn’t done.

“See the NFL promotes the logos not the players. The NBA promotes its players. Big difference. NFL knows players won’t be around long so they invest all resources into the building team logos for longevity. That’s the constant variable. Except for the QB position. That’s why they’re the face of the franchise. NBA on the other hand they can invest in the players being the face of the entire league. Look at the advertising of both.”


“Yo, NFL why don’t y’all go help out some of these players build up the communities that the majority of your players come from,” Bennett continued before adding, “the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. You’re all powerful people.”

Meanwhile, here’s the first response to Vincent’s original tweet, which is funny -- but also holds more than a kernel of truth: