After signing Eric Weddle this offseason, the Rams can expect the two-time first-team All-Pro selection to provide them with stability in their secondary, but they cannot expect him to divulge his former team's secrets ahead of the Ravens-Rams Monday night matchup in Week 12. 

Weddle won't be providing Sean McVay with any intel that could help his new team defeat his former team that cut him earlier this offseason. At least that's what he told Sports Illustrated's Andy Benoit in a video released on Thursday.

"I can't give all our secrets away," Weddle told Benoit after Benoit asked him about a specific aspect of the Ravens' coverage last season.

"You don't play for them anymore," Benoit responded.

"Those are my guys, though," Weddle said. "Could never turn back on my guys over there."

When Benoit later noted that he hopes Weddle will be more willing to share the Ravens' secrets with his new coach ahead of their Week 12 matchup, Weddle shot down that notion.

"Coach McVay knows what he's doing," he said. "He doesn't need much."

"What kind of man would I be if I rat out my guys that I played three years with?" Weddle added when Benoit said he didn't believe him.

Weddle spent the past three seasons in Baltimore after nine sensational seasons in San Diego with the Chargers. With the Ravens, Weddle met high expectations by never missing a game and averaging 50.3 tackles and 3.3 interceptions per season. All together, Weddle is a 12-year veteran who's been to six Pro Bowls, has been named first-team All-Pro twice, and has racked up 29 interceptions in a career that could end in Canton depending on how the next few years go. The Ravens cut him in March before going on to sign Earl Thomas in free agency, and the Rams quickly scooped Weddle up.

What's interesting is that when the Chargers broke up with Weddle, they didn't part on great terms. In the aftermath, Weddle talked about how the Chargers were dead to him and how he wouldn't ever forget what happened. He appears to have parted ways with the Ravens on much better terms.

He's right, though. If McVay is the genius we've made him out to be, he probably doesn't need that much help breaking down the Ravens' defense. The game won't be played until the end of November. By that point, McVay will have access to plenty of tape on the Ravens' new-look defense (they also lost C.J. Mosley and Za'Darius Smith in free agency).

And if Weddle ends up leaving the Rams on good terms after the season and latches onto another team, the Rams can rest easy at night knowing Weddle won't spread their own secrets.