NFL announces the two AFC cities that will host the NFL Draft in 2021 and 2023

We already knew that the 2020 NFL Draft was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas, but the league announced on Wednesday that it has made the decision on where to hold the draft in 2021 and 2023. The 2021 draft will be held in Cleveland, and the 2023 draft will be in Kansas City.

The Browns and Chiefs released videos on Twitter confirming that they will host those respective drafts. 

The NFL has yet to announce which city will host the 2022 draft, as there is not yet a bid ready for that year, though Los Angeles is reportedly in the running.

The league also announced that the annual combine will remain in Indianapolis through 2021, but may move cities in future years. Certain combine drills will also be moved to the afternoon and prime time.

The NFL Draft started in the mid-1930s, and for its first three decades it was held in various cities. But then the draft found a permanent home in New York in 1965, where it stayed for 50 years. Starting in 2015, the draft hit the road, first heading to Chicago in 2015 and 2016, then to Philadelphia in 2017 and Dallas in 2018. With this year's draft taking place in Nashville, the NFL Draft is scheduled to take place in at least eight different cities in a 10-year period ending with Kansas City in 2023, with that number stretching to nine should a different city win the 2022 bid.

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