The Giants didn't have Odell Beckham on the field for the final play of the first half on Thursday, and that's because their star receiver stormed to the locker room before the half was over. 

After Eagles kicker Jake Elliott missed a 54-yard field goal with two seconds left in the half, the Giants took over on downs with enough time to run one play from their own 44-yard line. If the team had any thoughts of throwing Hail Mary to Beckham, that plan was thrown out the window because the receiver had his own plans that didn't involve being on the field. 

Here's what the scene looked like as Beckham headed to the locker room. 

Without Beckham on the field, Eli Manning ended up throwing a short pass to Sterling Shepard that went for 20 yards. Of course, the big gain meant nothing because time ran out in the half before the Giants were able to run another play. 

After the game, Giants coach Pat Shurmur had an explanation for Beckham's quick exit, which Beckham himself backed up.

No matter what happened, Beckham clearly looked frustrated as he walked off the field, which probably had everything to do with the fact that Giants' passing game struggled for the entire first half. In the game's first two quarters, Beckham caught just two passes for 12 yards. 

This is the second time in less than a week that Beckham has let his frustrations come out publicly. During an interview with ESPN last week, Beckham basically threw Manning under the bus and also wouldn't say for sure whether or not he wanted to be in New York. The Giants were so upset with the interview that they decided to fine him, which might have turned the relationship from bad to worse.  

Beckham ended up catching six passes for 44 yards in the Giants' 33-13 loss