Patrick Mahomes has made a lot of amazing plays in his career, but sometimes, he does things that aren't so amazing and one of those came on Sunday in Miami. 

During the first quarter of Kansas City's game against the Dolphins, the Chiefs were facing a third-and-12 from their own 33-yard line. Although that's not an easy situation to get a conversion, you always feel like you have  chance when you have Mahomes. 

After taking a shotgun snap, Mahomes immediately faced some pressure from two Miami defenders and at that point, he tried to escaped the defenders by running backwards. The only problem for Mahomes is that he wasn't able to get away from Jerome Baker, who took the Chiefs quarterback down for a 30-YARD SACK. 

If a 30-yard sack sounds absurdly long, that's because it is. It was the longest sack in the NFL since 2015 when Ryan Tannehill was sacked for a 38-yard loss against Washington, according to ESPN. However, that play involved a fumble that Washington recovered. For a play where the quarterback was sacked and didn't lose the ball, the Mahomes sack was the most yards lost in at least 23 years and it's believed to have tied the record for longest sack in the Super Bowl era that didn't involve a fumble, according to Pro Football Reference. The only other sack that lost 30 yards came back in 1997 when Stony Case was taken down for a big loss against the Giants

In Mahomes' situation, the sack ended up costing the Chiefs big time. After the tackle, the Chiefs were faced with a fourth-and-42 from their own 3, a situation where they obviously had to punt. The Dolphins ended up starting their ensuing possession on Kansas City's 44-yard line and they turned that great field possession into a touchdown just seven plays later. 

As for Mahomes, it was a disastrous first quarter for the Chiefs quarterback. Not only did he take a sack, but he also threw two interceptions. To put that into perspective, Mahomes had only thrown two interceptions the entire season going into Sunday.