Another year, another ring for the New England Patriots.

On Thursday night, the members of the 2018-19 Patriots were awarded their championship rings to commemorate their Super Bowl win over the Rams. It's the Patriots' sixth Super Bowl since the 2001 season, their second over the past three seasons, and their third over the past five years. By now, these Super Bowl ring ceremonies have got to feel familiar for so many of the team's players and coaches.

Here's a look at No. 6, which the Patriots have dubbed "The greatest ring of all time."

The last time we saw them get a ring was two years ago, after they miraculously turned a 28-3 deficit to the Falcons into a 34-28 win. That ring contained exactly 283 diamonds for very obvious reasons.

This year's ring is also unique. As expected, the ring has the final score from the game. It also pays tribute to their other five championships by listing the years they won those titles. You'll also spot six Lombardi Trophies. On the inside, it says "We are all Patriots." Beneath the final score, the Patriots have provided a reminder to the rest of the league that they're "still here" -- not that any of the other 31 teams needed a reminder.

It's also sparkly, which was to be expected. After all, they did use 422 diamonds for a total of 9.85 carats in addition to 20 sapphires to represent their 20 AFC East titles. 

It's worth noting that quarterback Tom Brady became the first player to win six Super Bowls, which means he now needs both of his hands to wear all six of his rings.

Meanwhile, coach Bill Belichick is close to filling up all 10 of his fingers. The ring he received on Thursday night is his eighth Super Bowl ring. He's earned six as the coach of the Patriots and two as the defensive coordinator of the Giants.

That's a lot of trophies:

And a lot of rings:

Several members of the championship team who have since moved on from the franchise attended the ceremony, most notably new Lions edge rusher Trey Flowers and new Dolphins coach Brian Flores, both of whom played major roles in the team's staunch defensive effort against a typically explosive Rams offense that managed to score only three points. Cordarrelle Patterson, who now plays for the Bears, showed up. So did new Panthers receiver Chris Hogan and new Falcons defensive end Adrian Clayborn.

Rob Gronkowski, who is enjoying retirement, was also there:

Despite losing key players and coaches this offseason, the Patriots might not be done collecting rings. They'll enter the upcoming season as a Super Bowl contender, which makes sense given both Belichick and Brady will be back for yet another season. The Patriots haven't been eliminated before the conference championship game since the 2010 season. At this point, it's more surprising when they miss -- not make -- the Super Bowl.

Chances are, this won't be their last ring.