Nobody said Peyton Manning would follow up his historic NFL career with a respectable career as a fan. After all, stepping away from the game following an 18-year career and transitioning into a fan role can't be easiest task for Manning.

Case in point: Manning revealed which NFL teams he'll be pulling for this season. He picked nearly 20 percent of the entire league.

Yeah, that's not how fandom is supposed to work.

With that being said, three teams make sense. Manning played in Indianapolis for 13 years and won a Super Bowl. He also played in Denver for four years and won a Super Bowl there too. And the Giants are Eli Manning's team.

Peyton Manning is pulling for Brock Osweiler in Houston. USATSI

Manning's reason for rooting for the Texans is entirely related to Brock Osweiler, according to Conor Orr. Osweiler backed up Manning for all four of his Denver years and now finds himself starting in Houston. And that leaves the Dolphins and Lions, who are both led by former Manning coaches in Adam Gase and Jim Caldwell.

My lone takeaway: Man, Manning must really hate John Fox. He picked six teams, including his former offensive coordinator's team, and still left the Bears off that list. Fox won 38 games in three years with Manning! I know he made Manning kneel once in the postseason, but it might be time to move past that gaffe.

The only explanation: Manning is still jealous of Fox's hair.