PHOTO: Buccaneers fan wears Greg Schiano Hazmat suit Thursday

A Buccaneers fan in a Greg Schiano Hazmat suit.
A Bucs fan in a Greg Schiano Hazmat suit. (USATSI)

The outbreak of MRSA in Tampa Bay's locker room isn't really a joking matter. But the Buccaneers are the biggest clown show in the NFL right now and the fact that they can't maintain a sanitary work environment -- one of the more basic requirements of running a business -- is pretty sad.

Fortunately the Buccaneers fan who wore a Schiano Hazmat suit with "SCHIANO" stenciled on the front -- perhaps as an homage to one Walter White? -- takes all of our frowns and turns them upside down.

So does the dude wearing a "Schiano is worse than MRSA" paper bag on his face urging what's left of the Bucs crowd to get up and cheer. Or something.

It doesn't get much uglier than this in the NFL, folks.

Wink of the CBS eye to the always excellent CJ Zero.

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