The Oakland Raiders got embarrassed on Thursday night against the San Francisco 49ers, a team that came into Week 9 with just one win and two injured quarterbacks yet ran all over Jon Gruden's rebuilt roster.

Anyone who's paid attention to the 2018 NFL season, however, shouldn't have been too surprised by how Thursday night's affair unfolded.

Save for a last-minute win over the Cleveland Browns, a franchise that just axed its head coach and offensive coordinator amid owner-proclaimed "internal discord," the Raiders haven't won any other games in Gruden's return to the sidelines this year, and they haven't exactly looked good while trying to win all the others. Thursday was just a reminder that Oakland's path to Las Vegas will likely be a whole lot rockier than anticipated.

To CBS Sports' Will Brinson and Bryant McFadden, it was even more than that.

"Is anybody as bad as the Raiders?" Brinson asked on Friday's edition of the Pick Six Podcast, suggesting that Gruden's team isn't just on a rough stretch but rather "by far and away the worst team in football."

"I think the Raiders would be 1A, followed by the New York Giants, 1B," McFadden said. "That would be the Worst Team Bowl. There's nothing really positive to say about the Raiders on the field. Nothing at all ...This past Thursday night, you saw a team pretty much lay it down. After halftime, they pretty much laid it down. The defenders just quit. The offensive linemen quit. And I'm going off based on what I saw. If they didn't quit, their effort was poor on both sides of the ball. Bad teams usually lay down in late December. You don't usually see this in early November."

Catch Brinson and McFadden's entire Raiders breakdown, including a forecast of Derek Carr's future with the team, plus much more from Week 9 in the NFL -- Trent Green's analysis of Chiefs-Browns and Patrick Mahomes' MVP candidacy, Pete Prisco and R.J. White's picks against the spread for this weekend -- on the Pick Six Podcast:

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