After 12 people were killed in the Thousand Oaks shooting on Wednesday night, there was an outpouring of support from Los Angeles' teams and athletes. Among those expressing condolences was Rams offensive lineman Andrew Whitworth, who will reportedly be donating his game check (approximately $60,000) to the families of those killed and the victims, per The Athletic's Jay Glazer.

In his initial tweet, Whitworth said "I don't have the words," so instead he's letting his actions speak for him.

Head coach Sean McVay said that he and Whitworth talked on Thursday, and the team will announce more plans to help those affected.

"As a group, everyone's affected in a different way," Whitworth said, via Yahoo Sports. "Whether it's the fear of having your own kids that could be involved in something like that, if it's the fear of just being in that environment yourself or just living somewhere where something like that's happened.

"You always think it's never going to be around you or involve you, but you always see that from people once you experience it. I think we just wanted to find a way to come together and really just wrap our arms around the community that we live in and that we operate and work in."

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