Jay Cutler -- the best quarterback in Bears franchise history, one of the game's most underappreciated players ever, and a soon-to-be reality TV star -- is probably done playing football, but he can't say so with 100 percent certainty. At least not yet. 

As E! continues to flaunt its upcoming reality TV show centered around Cutler's wife, Kristin Cavallari, Cutler has suddenly re-emerged from his presumed retirement. If the promos from "Very Cavallari" have revealed anything about the former Broncos, Bears, and Dolphins quarterback, it's that Cutler has acknowledged that his NFL career is likely over. Well, that and Cutler prefers to keep his schedule open in case anything pops up during the day -- oh, and that Cutler is striving to be the first one in line to pick up his kids from school.

In a recently released promo, Cavallari asks Cutler if he's "100 percent done with football."

Cutler responds, "I mean, can't say 100. Probably."

"When will you know if you're 100 percent?" Cavallari asks.

"September?" he says.

"Like the first football game?" she asks.


The entire clip is so what you'd expect Cutler to be like in real life that it actually seems scripted. 

Cutler, of course, thought he was done with football a year ago, even going so far as to release a statement that announced his retirement and then signing on with Fox as a broadcaster. And then, Dolphins starting quarterback Ryan Tannehill went down in training camp with a torn ACL and Dolphins coach Adam Gase lured Cutler out of retirement. His brief stay in Miami didn't go as planned, though, as he dealt with injuries on a bad Dolphins team that went 6-10 and lived in a hotel for the entire season.

Barring another freak training camp injury to a starting quarterback on a team lacking a competent backup, it's tough to see Cutler, 35, getting another chance in the NFL. And so, his (underappreciated and misunderstood) career is likely over.

But that's OK. Because by the look of it, Cutler is well on his way toward achieving a second career as a reality TV star. 


Those who listened to his radio show in Chicago during his time with the Bears know that Cutler never got enough credit for his dry sense of humor and blunt honesty. This show could be his mainstream breakout. The show might be centered around Cavallari, but if the promos are to be believed, Cutler has a chance to steal some scenes.

Here he is giving some dating advice:

Here he is protecting his lawn:

Here he is picking out Cavallari's outfit:

Jay Cutler: Vanderbilt legend, Bears all-time leading passer, enigmatic athlete ... and a soon-to-be reality TV star.