Jay Cutler and the Miami Dolphins have not exactly been a perfect match this season. 

Miami coach Adam Gase reached out to Cutler after Ryan Tannehill's knee injury because Cutler knew his system and the coach figured a player like that would make the adjustment to being the team's starter more easily than one that had to come in and learn everything anew. But things did not go as planned. Cutler has thrown only 19 touchdowns with 14 interceptions this season, and has had a couple total meltdown games as well. The Dolphins are 6-9 and they're not going to the playoffs. 

But at least Cutler got a pretty good deal, all things considered. He pulled down a $10 million salary for this one season, but that's not all. Cutler stayed in a hotel room for the duration of the season, so he got some additional benefits, according to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald.

Of course, living in a hotel room all year did have its drawbacks. 

Cutler said he's planning on returning to football in 2018, though he has no interest in being a backup quarterback. That probably eliminates a return to Miami, so he's going to have to move out of that hotel room at some point. Luckily for Cutler, hotel rooms in every city give out points for extended stays, and some of them might even rotate their on demand moves more regularly.