If Johnny Manziel's going to start putting his life back together, the first thing he should probably do is figure out who he's living with, because no one seems to know. Not even Manziel.

For most people, who you're living with is common knowledge, because you live with them. That's not that case with Manziel, though. Over the weekend, TMZ asked Manziel about his living situation and he said he was rooming with Von Miller.

"I'm living out here with my guy, Von Miller," Manziel said. "Everybody knows Von Miller. Super Bowl MVP, Von Miller. My brother. I'm living with him right now. We're getting our life together."

The only problem with that explanation is that Manziel made the whole thing up: He's not actually living with Miller, a fact that Miller confirmed with a hearty LOL on Instagram.

No big deal though -- who hasn't lied about their roommate situation? I practically did it every week in college.

Anyway, after it was confirmed that Manziel wasn't living with Miller, another report suggested that Johnny Football was living with Josh Gordon.

As fun as that situation sounds, it turns out that it's not true. According to Pro Football Talk, Manziel isn't living with Gordon.

It's probably a good thing Manziel's not living with Gordon, because the Browns wide receiver is currently suspended by the NFL and can't apply for reinstatement until Aug. 1 at the earliest.

Of course, it's possible that Manziel had been living with Gordon, but then decided to move out because being associated with a suspended wide receiver probably isn't the best look for JFF. Plus, if Gordon's suspended, then maybe he can't afford his half of rent, and no one wants to live with a roommate who can't afford their half of rent.

Note: You also don't want to live with a roommate who eats your food or a roommate who owns six cats. I've been in both those situations, they're horrible.

Back to Manziel though. Basically, here's what we know about Johnny Football's housing situation: He's living in Los Angeles, and he's not living with Von Miller or Josh Gordon.

The Manziel roommate situation has slowly become the most riveting story of the offseason, and if more information becomes available, we'll be sure to update you. As a matter of fact, the NFL should just cancel the draft and hold a Manziel roommate draft. I would watch that.

Oh, and if you're still looking for a roommate, Johnny, I suggest using Craigslist.

Johnny Manziel may or may not be looking for a roommate. (USATSI)
Johnny Manziel may or may not be looking for a roommate. (USATSI)