The Colin Kaepernick collusion case, with Kaepernick claiming he can't get work because he kneeled during the national anthem, may have gotten a shot in the arm after the Seattle Seahawks reportedly cancelled a meeting with Kaepernick after the quarterback declined to stop kneeling next season.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reported on Thursday that the Seahawks postponed -- and maybe cancelled -- a workout with Kaepernick after he declined to give them an answer on his anthem plans in 2018.

"This is an interesting story on a lot of different levels. The Seahawks had planned for Colin Kaepernick to work out for them earlier this week. And at the last moment that trip was postponed, because a conversation occurred where they wanted to know what he was going to be doing on the field this year before and during the national anthem," Schefter said on NFL Live. "And I don't think he was willing to give them an answer to commit one way or another. And with that hanging out there, the Seahawks postponed that trip. Some might say cancelled it. Depends on how you look at it. But it's a situation here where Colin Kaepernick was going to come in there and work out there and now he's not."

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media confirmed the cancellation by the Seahawks, but said it was not because of Kaepernick's declining to stand during the anthem, but rather a lack of "a firm plan" on "how to handle everything."

It's unclear what that means exactly, but presumably the Seahawks want Kaepernick to enter the 2018 NFL season with an idea of what he will do before and during the national anthem and how he will respond to questions about whatever it is he does. 

The Seahawks recently cut Trevonne Boykin, their backup to Russell Wilson, amid an investigation into domestic violence allegations. Boykin has had off-field issues since he left college at TCU and was drafted by the Seahawks.  

Kaepernick was cut by the 49ers following the 2016 season and spent the entire 2017 year out of work. He was contemplating filing a collusion lawsuit early last season and finally moved forward with it after the Texans decided to bring in a bunch of terrible quarterbacks and not give him a call. 

The case progressed after the season with dates starting to get locked in this offseason. It's believed former Papa John's CEO John Schnatter could be deposed, in case you were wondering how odd this case could get.

And speaking of depositions, Kaepernick was apparently set to be deposed by NFL owners the day after his Seahawks workout, which means this is probably not great news for the NFL owners. Multiple teams declining to bring in Kaepernick because of his anthem stance and the protests is exactly how it would be possible to create a claim of collusion. 

Kaepernick previously visited the Seahawks last offseason, but didn't work out with Seattle at the time. Seattle would eventually sign Austin Davis, which rankled more than a few people on the Internet. Seattle's interest at the time was believed to be "legit," however, which means they still may want to sign him.

But it didn't work out this time and, as a result, you can expect a full-throated reaction from people wondering why Kaepernick does not have a job.