Colin Kaepernick's grievance against the NFL is moving forward, according to a source with knowledge of the situation, with his attorneys and the league recently exchanging almost 100,000 documents.

Kaepernick filed his collusion suit against the NFL in midseason - after a handful of teams had experienced injuries to starting quarterbacks yet with the former Super Bowl QB unable to secure even a workout all season. Kaepernick remained unsigned through the entire 2017 season and has visitied with just one team since leaving the 49ers last year (Seattle). 

As part of the discovery process, Kaepernick's lawyers sought electronic communications (texts, emails, etc.) from numerous league and team employees - including high-ranking NFL officials, coaches, and general managers from teams like Dallas, Baltimore, Tennesee and others who signed quarterbacks and worked out quarterbacks in season. ‎Certain search teams were chosen, and, when those terms came up in such communications those documents were to be exchanged.

That process took place in recent weeks. While Commissioner Roger Goodell, when asked about the grievance during his pre-Super Bowl press conference, stated that the league office is not involved in teams signing players, Kaepernick's legal team could explore whether any such dialogie took place. They are also expected to pursue the role of Donald Trump - who is close to some owners and spoke out agains Kaepernick and other players publicly - played in setting a climate in which the former star quarterback could not secure a tryout for a job in the NFL last season.

The sides will set dates this winter for the deposition phase, with Kaepernick's lawyers seeking to speak with Jerry Jones, Jed York and many others as they attempt to prove certain parties may have colluded against their client.