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The natural follow-up to Deshaun Watson wanting out from the Houston Texans is where he should go to take his quarterbacking talents. Current 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman has a suggestion for the disgruntled player: make your way to the Jets.

The advice was given on the "Cris Collinsworth Podcast featuring Richard Sherman," which Pro Football Focus hosts, shortly after the former All-Pro defensive back was asked what he would do were he in Watson's exact situation.

"If I was Deshaun I'd get out of there as quickly as possible," he said. "I'd pick New York"

Sherman clarified that he meant the New York Jets before noting that what makes the team so appealing is the decent offensive line and that they have the cap space to go out and look for weapons. It also worth noting that new Jets head coach Robert Saleh was the defensive coordinator in San Francisco for four seasons, coaching Sherman for the last three. Sherman continues to say that Watson's addition would also make the Jets a preferred destination for said offensive weapons, who are likely facing an oversaturated market this offseason.

"They're saying he's not answering any texts or any calls, I wouldn't either," Sherman added. "He's done everything. He's taken a beating for you guys and played efficiently... His level of play didn't drop with the team. He didn't let the bad season say 'Hey I'm going to be bad too.'"

As has been previously reported, it's hard to put into words just how incensed Watson is with the only organization he's played for. His frustrations go all the way towards owner Cal McNair, though other issues that have upset him include the team initially deciding not to interview Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy, and Jack Easterbrook consolidating front office power without any sort of consultation with Watson.