Back in Week 10, the Seahawks outlasted the Cardinals, 22-16, but the win didn't come without a price. Specifically, Seattle was fined $100,000 because of how quickly quarterback Russell Wilson was allowed to return to the game after taking a shot to the head.

According to the league's concussion policy, a player believed to have concussion symptoms cannot return to "practice or play" until he is cleared by the team physician and an independent neurological consultant. But when Wilson came to the sidelines against the Cardinals, he wasn't evaluated in the blue medical tent. We know this because he went into the tent alone and emerged seconds later.

After the game, Wilson tried to explain that he wasn't concussed.

"I was just trying to move my jaw. I was like, 'Ah, man, it's stuck,'" he said at the time. "I think I was kinda like laying down on the ground for a second just trying to get my jaw, and I think Walt thought maybe I was injured or something like that. I told him I was good, I was good, and he said, 'Come off the field.'"

Neither the league nor the NFLPA agree; a joint investigation "determined there was a failure in the application of the protocol following the tackle of Mr. Wilson during the Seahawks-Cardinals game on November 9." 

The Seahawks have accepted the punishment:

Though Wilson seemed unconvinced that he or the team did anything wrong.

"I guess that's what they decided to do," Wilson said Thursday, via the's Gregg Bell. "I thought that everything was done in the right way. There was a lot of confusion on why I was coming out of the game anyway. ... I was completely clear. My jaw was messed up, but other than that ... that's what they decided."

So in light of the fine will Wilson change the way he plays?

"What should I change?" he said. "More than anything it was just playing ball. I felt completely clear, so there's nothing really to change, quite honestly."

At 8-6, the Seahawks are currently the No. 8 seed in the NFC and remain alive -- if just barely -- in the race for a playoff spot. Any such scenario includes them winning their final two regular-season games against the Cowboys and Cardinals and getting a lot of help from other teams.