Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill left Thursday's training camp practice with what appears to be an injury to his left leg. Tannehill suffered the injury on a non-contact play while scrambling out of the pocket.

Here's a look at the play:

The Dolphins are pinning their hopes on Tannehill in 2017, so this obviously isn't great news. The Dolphins lost Tannehill late last year against the Cardinals in what was originally believed to be a serious knee injury but did not require surgery and instead chose to wear a brace on the knee. Yes, the left knee, the same one that the Dolphins quarterback apparently injured in training camp on Thursday.

Naturally people immediately began clamoring for Colin Kaepernick.

Even Uncle Luke wants Kaepernick down in South Beach.  (That's Luther Campbell from 2 Live Crew for you confused millennials. Go back to your avocado toast.)

Campbell isn't wrong -- Dolphins owner Stephen Ross pointed out that he believes if Kaepernick can help someone win, he would "hope" that a coach would sign Kap.

The guy who might make more sense before Kaepernick? Jay Cutler, the retired former Bears quarterback who is now a Fox Sports analyst. Cutler hasn't completely closed the door on playing in 2017, although he did say he is retired. 

But the connection here would be with coach Adam Gase, who was Cutler's offensive coordinator with the Bears.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk even believes the Dolphins would have pursued Cutler this offseason except Gase didn't want to undermine Tannehill. 

Of course, this could all be nothing at all. Tannehill could end up being fine. But if the injury is serious -- and there is reason to believe it could be because of how Tannehill's season ended and the lack of surgery last year -- there is going to be some heated discussion about backup quarterbacks.