If Jeff Fisher's goal in Los Angeles is to turn every celebrity against the Rams, then he's doing a good job.

As the fallout continues from Fisher's feud with Rams legend Eric Dickerson, we now know that there are at least two celebrities in L.A. who want to seen Fisher fired: Dickerson and yup, you guessed it, Snoop Dogg.

When Snoop's talking about the NFL, he's usually spends most of his time talking about the Seahawks or Steelers; however, it appears that he became so irate at Fisher at the Dickerson situation that he decided to go on Instagram and call for Fisher's firing.

Here's the censored version of what Snoop said.

"Coach need to go ... He don't know how to coach," Snoop says in his video. "He ain't won s---. He ain't gonna win s---. He need to go. Period."

If you missed the feud between Fisher and Dickerson from earlier this week, here's what happened: Dickerson became upset when the Rams wouldn't give him sideline passes for his friends. Fisher justified the denial by saying the Rams weren't going to give sideline passes to a guy who was ripping the team (Dickerson was still given tickets to some box seats).

Dickerson then became so frustrated with Fisher that he called for his firing.

"I think this football team would do better without Jeff. That's just my opinion," Dickerson said on Friday. "He's had five years to turn this team around and he's had all losing seasons."

Let's just say that Snoop is 100 percent on Dickerson's side, saying in the video that Dickerson "should be given all access" as a Rams great. He also pointed out that while he doesn't care about the team, the Rams "gave me all kinds of passes and let me move around."

To hear Snoop's entire rant, which is very much NSFW, you can head over to his Instagram page by clicking here.

The relationship between the Rams and Snoop has nosedived over the past month. Just two weeks ago, things were looking so promising.


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