Steelers' Ryan Clark thinks Ravens will miss Anquan Boldin

How will Baltimore replace Boldin? (Getty Images)
It seems like the Ravens have spent the two months since winning the Super Bowl dismantling the roster. Quarterback Joe Flacco got paid, but up till last weekend with the addition of Elvis Dumervil, it was a constant flow of talent off the roster -- Ed Reed, Dannell Ellerbe, Paul Kruger, Bernard Pollard, Cary Williams, and Anquan Boldin will all be playing elsewhere in 2013, and Ray Lewis and Matt Birk retired.

Wide receiver Torrey Smith says he isn't worried because it's happened before.

"[The front office] had cut [Derrick] Mason, [Todd] Heap and Willis McGahee [and] everybody was panicking and saying, ‘Oh, you’re going to be terrible,’” Smith told the Baltimore Sun's Jeff Zrebiec over the weekend. “We were a couple of plays away from the Super Bowl. You just have to trust the guy."

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"The guy" is Ozzie Newsome, maybe the best general manager in the NFL.

But not everybody shares Smith's glass-half-full optimism. Take Steelers safety Ryan Clark, for example, who said Monday that trading Boldin will have a huge impact on the Ravens' offense.

“I’m not upset about it at all -- I think that was a very good move by the Baltimore Ravens (to trade Boldin to the 49ers),” Clark said laughing during an appearance on NFL Network's NFL AM (via PFT).

Joking aside, Clark admitted Boldin was a nightmare to defend.

“If you look at the plays Anquan Boldin makes … you think about the plays he made to get them to that Super Bowl, I think he’s the difference-maker," said Clark. "He’s the guy who brings the toughness to that receiving corps, I think it’s going to be tough to replace him, both leadership-wise, as well as his play on the field."

As it stands, the depth chart at wide receiver includes Smith and Super Bowl hero Jacoby Jones, with David Reed and Tandon Doss behind them. But Flacco still has Ray Rice, arguably the most dangerous pass catcher on the roster (the Chargers certainly think so).

Plus, there's always Ozzie.

"You just have to trust and believe in [Newsome],” Smith reiterated. “He can cut me today and I’d still be a firm believer in him. He has a track record and there’s nothing you can take from that. He’s won two rings, he’s the mastermind behind that. When a guy has that type of reputation, you just have to trust it.”

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