It's now been more than six weeks since Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz was lost for the season after suffering a left knee injury in a Week 14 win over the Rams

At the time, it was believed that Wentz had only suffered a torn ACL, but apparently, the injury was slightly more serious than that. During an interview on Friday, Wentz revealed that he also tore his LCL during the Eagles' 43-35 win over Los Angeles.  

"After we went in there and everything, it was actually the ACL and the LCL," Wentz said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. "I'm still feeling confident with it. The rehab -- it's the same type of progression and everything. It's gone great so far."

The interview on Friday was Wentz's first time meeting with the media since he originally suffered the injury back on December 10. As if the LCL tear wasn't bad enough, reported in mid-December that Wentz also had a partially torn IT [iliotibial] band, and that he had to have some meniscus damage cleaned up during his Dec. 13 surgery. 

Despite the fact that his injury was worse than anyone originally thought, Wentz doesn't believe that will affect his recovery timeline

"I don't think so," Wentz said, via NBC Philadelphia. "I think, again, I'm very confident in talking with trainers and everything that the rehab schedule doesn't change a whole lot. It's just something we have to be careful with. I'm feeling confident with it and I said it in the video I posted right after the injury. I 100 percent believe I'll be back better than ever, stronger than ever, with no looking back." 

So what exactly is Wentz's recovery timeline? Our Ryan Wilson took a look at that this week, which you can read by clicking here. Although Wentz didn't get into specifics about training camp or any part of the preseason, he did say he definitely wants to be on the field for the Eagles' regular season opener in 2018. 

"My goal is to be out there Week 1," Wentz said. "The timetable stuff, I wish I knew just as much as you guys wish you knew. It's just such a fluid process, and we'll just see what happens."

No matter when he gets back, there's one thing that won't be changing when he returns: his playing style. Wentz made it clear on Friday that he's going to continue to play quarterback the way he's played it his entire life.  

"I am who I am. Injuries happen. Injuries aren't going to change me," Wentz said, via "Obviously you guys want to talk about, 'Are you learning to protect yourself?' We ... talked about that all season long, and that will continue to grow and develop, but as far as playing aggressive and being the player that I am, I won't change."

For now, Wentz is going to be the Eagles' biggest cheerleader as they get ready to play the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.