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Super Bowl Sunday is always reliable for a couple things: good football, a glitzy halftime show, lots of commercials, and ... food! I mean, what is the Super Bowl without snacks? Haven't you ever wondered why they call it the Super Bowl? Something's gotta go in that dish! But what kind of snacks, sides and entrees should be on your menu for the Bengals-Rams showdown this Sunday? We asked nine members of our CBS Sports NFL staff for their top recommendations:

The snacking panelists: NFL editors Joel Magaraci, Kyle Stackpole, Kevin Steimle; NFL writers Cody Benjamin, John Breech, Jordan Dajani, Bryan DeArdo, Jared Dubin and Jeff Kerr.

Cody Benjamin: I know this isn't a hearty one, but Heluva Good! French Onion dip has been a staple of game-day snacking for me since I was a kid. It's the Tom Brady of chip dips: always delivers. KFC might be polarizing to some, but I ate their chicken strips and mashed potatoes and coleslaw during the Eagles' only Super Bowl win, so they're now enchanted. Otherwise, I say Super Bowl Sunday is the finest time to indulge in some takeout or delivery, whether it be pizza or subs or what have you. That means dessert, too: cookies, brownies or anything else to tell your stomach you mean business on the biggest Sunday of the year.

John Breech: My favorite snack is Skyline Chili Dip and since Skyline is based in Cincinnati, this is the perfect Super Bowl for everyone to try it for the first time.

Jordan Dajani: Wings are my Super Bowl snack. Absolutely need them there. In fact, I just spoke with the Saints' Cameron Jordan, who teamed up with Hidden Valley Ranch to stop wing waste. It's a passion of mine as well. Go with Buffalo, BBQ or spicy garlic.

Bryan DeArdo: Pizza is an absolute must. I started hosting Super Bowl parties in 2002 (Patriots vs. Rams) and every year since I've ordered pizza for the Super Bowl. At the beginning we'd order Papa Johns but in recent years we've done Jets. I usually have a sundae either in the fourth quarter or during post-game.

Jared Dubin: Wings. If you need an explanation, we can't be friends. The two acceptable flavors are Buffalo and BBQ.

Jeff Kerr: Cheesesteaks. I always make sure I have a cheesesteak while watching the big game. Being from the Philly area, I'll pick one of my favorite cheesesteak spots and order one to have in time from the game. Chubby's in Roxborough is one of my favorites, but Collegeville Italian Bakery in Collegeville is always worth the trip. Mama's in Bala Cynwyd is on the list, but like Chick-fil-A, they are closed Sundays.

Joel Magaraci: Buffalo chicken dip. Never fails to satisfy a hungry group of football fans. Offers the same deliciousness of wings, without all the mess.

Kyle Stackpole: Chips and guac, baby. It's one of the classic house party appetizers, and it hits the same, if not better, when gathering for the big game.

Kevin Steimle: Buffalo chicken dip, sausage balls or Swedish meatballs. You've got to have some tasty, savory snacks at your Super Bowl party and it helps when they are easy to make. Who wants to spend hours in the kitchen when you've got an 80-inch TV to shop for to watch the big game in style? You can knock out sausage balls and Buffalo chicken dip in less than 30 minutes and both are packed with protein.