In mid-May, Titans quarterback Marcus Mariota attended a Predators playoff game along with his offensive line. There, his teammates chugged beers to the delight of everyone. But Mariota decided not to join in, choosing to waive a towel around instead. 

It turns out, Mariota had a reason for remaining sober, and it wasn't because he needed to drive his (possibly) drunk linemen home. As he revealed on Tuesday, he's never taken a sip of alcohol in his entire life.

The Tennessean's Jason Wolf has more:

Mariota said his favorite moment as a high school athlete was winning a football championship in Hawaii as a senior.

"We were very fortunate my last season, my senior year," Mariota said. "We ended up winning states. That entire run was an incredible journey. I had a lot of fun. A lot of the guys that I was close with on the team, most of my high school friends, I'm still close with. It's funny. They're the guys that are texting me when I'm out there at the Preds game, saying, 'Why aren't you drinking a beer?' Or, 'Why aren't you flying a catfish out there?'"

The answer?

"I've never had a sip of alcohol," Mariota said, eliciting a round of applause.

That's impressive -- almost as impressive as Tom Brady's revelation last year that he's never taken a sip of coffee before -- and Mariota's alcohol-free lifestyle should (hopefully) help him stay healthy and on the field. Unfortunately that hasn't happened yet. Through the first two years of his career, the No. 2 overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft has appeared in 27 of 32 possible games. He suffered a sprained MCL in his rookie season and fractured his fibula last year.

Mariota's rehab is going as planned and he's expected to be ready for training camp, as our Jamey Eisenberg detailed back in March. If Mariota can stay healthy, he should live up to his potential. To this point, Mariota's thrown 45 touchdowns and just 19 interceptions for a 93.8 passer rating. Staying healthy appears to be his biggest hurdle to becoming a franchise quarterback.