Titans owner Adams: 'I didn't want to watch any more of that mess'

Early last month, Titans owner Bud Adams was so disgusted by his team’s 55-20 loss to the Bears that he said, “In my 50 years of owning an NFL franchise, I am at a loss to recall a regular-season home game that was such a disappointment for myself and fans of the Titans. We were grossly outcoached and outplayed from start to finish.”

Adams also said that every aspect of the organization -- including the front office, coaches and players -- would be “closely evaluated,” and if the team’s performance didn’t improve, Adams would begin looking at alternatives.

Knowing that, after the Titans took a 55-7 loss to the Packers on Sunday, how upset do you think Adams was following the game? According to the Tennessean, the answer is … um … well ...

“I was pretty upset,” Adams told the newspaper. “I just didn’t want to watch any more of that mess.”

Adams actually wasn’t at the game. He was at home in Houston, and he said he turned off the TV before the game was finished.

But about that “closely evaluating” comment? Is coach Mike Munchak, in only his second season in Tennessee, in danger of losing his job?

“I like Mike, I really do. But liking him and getting the job done are two different things,” Adams said. “If he is not getting the job done, that is what I have to find out. Right now, we are not looking very good. Something is wrong and I want to find out what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.”

Munchak’s contract runs through 2014, and he’s had to deal with an inconsistent offense and a defense that ranks 25th in the league. But the Titans had a 9-7 record last season, and this year, following Sunday’s debacle, they’re 5-10.  

Munchak already fired offensive coordinator Chris Palmer, and really, nothing has gotten better in Nashville in the month since.

My guess: Munchak will survive into next season, but if the team doesn’t show improvement in year No. 3, the Titans probably will have to start all over again.

“People are not happy -- they don’t want to watch games like this. I don’t want to watch games like this,” Adams said. “People under my suite at the stadium, they let me know in their voices they don’t like what is going on.

“I’ll be 90 years old on my next birthday on January 3. I am in good health, but it is a chore to fly up to Nashville and when I get up there I don’t like to see them play poorly. The fans are not happy with me. I need to figure out what I need to do to make things work and see if changes need to be made.”

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