Once Auburn decided to ruin Nick Saban's 2013 season by catching a missed field goal and returning it for a touchdown, any instance of that will forever be known as a kick-six. It might have been the vernacular anyway, but that moment was a sea change. Anyone who saw it live or on television will remember where they were because of the importance for that Iron Bowl.

Deonte Thompson's 109-yard touchdown return on a missed field goal in a Bears-Cardinals preseason game isn't going to register the same amount of importance, but it was still plenty fun and will make more than one highlight reel.

Thompson caught a Cardinals attempt at a field goal that went short and left, proceeded to juke several guys and peeled up the sideline for a score.

It was the same sort of situation -- the Cards were kicking with little time left in a half. Except the Cards have literally nothing to play for here, whereas the Bama-Auburn game was on the final play with Bama going for the win, trying to avoid overtime (I remember thinking I could get home from picking up takeout before overtime started) and Auburn willing to gamble. 

Still, this was a fun play. Thompson made a heck of a play, and if you're him, you like pulling something like that off on a big stage in a big moment, because it can mean a lot for the future.