After watching Justin Tucker practice on Sunday, the Ravens are probably starting to feel like they got their kicker for a steal.

Just three weeks after signing a four-year, $16.8 million deal in Baltimore, Tucker promptly showed up to practice and smashed a 69-yard field goal. For reference, the NFL record is 64 yards.

Hopefully, Tucker worked a clause into his contract that calls for a giant bonus every time he hits a kick that long.

Tucker is one of only 13 kickers in NFL history who's actually hit a field of over 60 yards in a game. The Ravens kicker nailed a 61-yarder against Detroit in December 2013.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh knows his kicker has a strong leg, which is why he let Tucker attempt the 69-yarder during Sunday's practice.

"[Harbaugh] asked, 'Are we kicking this?' And I ran out there and I said, 'Hell yeah, we're kicking it!' Kind of didn't really give anybody a choice," Tucker told the Baltimore Sun. "When you do that, you kind of have to make it."

Although Tucker would love to attempt a 69-yard field goal every time he plays, he does realize that's probably not going to happen.

"We're not just gonna be out there hitting 69-yarders in the first quarter unless we've got a 30 mile-an-hour tailwind, and our defense is just ballin', and we have just the most amazing defense versus offense matchup," Tucker said. "But when they call upon me, I gotta be ready."

Harbaugh was so excited after Tucker's kick that he actually chest bumped his kicker.

"That was a first," Tucker said of the chest bump. "I always get nervous when I see the high school and college players doing the jump, side-bump. My whole thing is, if you're gonna celebrate, stay on the ground, but if it's with the head ball coach, then you do it."

Tucker's not lame, there's a reason kickers have a "stay on the ground" rule with celebrations. Just ask Bill Gramatica about that.

Tucker now has the official longest field goal of training camp. Last year, that honor went to Brandon McManus, who nailed a 7o-yarder during a Broncos' intrasquad scrimmage.