In case you hadn't heard, celebrations are back in the NFL and they're back in a big way. Over the offseason, the league decided to loosen up and once again embrace the art of celebrating, and that's allowed plenty of players to get creative on Sundays. 

With Week 7 just about in the books, it's time to take a look back at the best celebrations (and other acts of disrespect) from across the league this weekend. 

First up, we start with the worst of the bunch. 

Jordy Nelson spins alone

It's become tradition for Jordy Nelson and Aaron Rodgers to see who can spin a football the longest before every Packers game, but that changed Sunday with Rodgers' injury. Instead, it was Nelson who spun his football all alone in the end zone.

The receiver likely did it as a tribute to his teammate and friend, but it was also pretty depressing and lonely -- like an elderly man eating dinner at a restaurant alone. Do it if it makes you happy, but just know you're making the rest of us really sad. Nobody wants to start their Sunday getting emotional about Aaron Rodgers. Grade: D

Jarvis Landry takes a shot

The Dolphins wide receiver pulled in an early TD against the Jets and was feeling pretty good, so he decided to give a cheers to the home crowd and shoot his shot. Not all that exciting or cool, but at least he didn't need a chaser. Grade: D+

Bonus disrespectful content: Hurdling another grown human is about as mean-spirited and disrespectful as it gets in professional sports, and Landry pulled the classic move on a Jets defender during the fourth quarter of Sunday's game. So mean and so awesome. 

Extra bonus disrespectful content: While getting hurdled is very embarrassing, it might be more embarrassing to fail the attempt and pay for it like this. 

Football is a game of risk vs. reward and Landon Collins is not playing around.

Everson Griffen channels Ray Lewis

Say what you want about Ray Lewis, but the man danced with conviction throughout his NFL career. Everson Griffen did his best to recreate some of Lewis' moves on Sunday but he didn't exactly sell it as well as the originator. He does, however, get bonus points for using those dance moves against Lewis' former team in the Ravens. Solid trolling. Grade: C

Jamal Adams hits the Milly Rock

What it lacks in unique creativity, it makes up for in execution. Also, points for getting straight to the point. Non-touchdown dances that try to do too much can be cringeworthy. Grade: B-

Robby Anderson takes advantage of space

Jets wide receivers had plenty of space to work with in Miami, both on and off the field. After catching a wide open touchdown in the end zone, Anderson fixed his eyes on some empty seats in the first row of Hard Rock Stadium. He hopped up and over the end zone wall and joined the rest of us in having a leisurely Sunday. I can never fault someone for wanting to kick back and put their feet up. Grade: B+

Steelers play hide-and-seek

When the opposition can't find your players to stop them from getting into the end zone, a great way to rub it in their face is by then playing hide-and-seek around the goal post. (Not a super great hiding spot by Le'Veon Bell, but I'm willing to look past that.) It's creative. It's different. It's a team effort. It was hilariously executed. This is about as good as it gets. Grade: A+

Most disrespectful move of the week: This stiff arm by Bell is football's equivalent of posterizing a dude, then stealing his wallet and draining his bank accounts only to spend his life savings on dumb crap like motorized hoverboards, fidget spinners and T-shirt cannons. The most disrespectful.