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The New York Giants are off to their best start in 11 years, yet are in a major pickle regarding their quarterback situation as they head to London for a Week 5 showdown with the Green Bay Packers. Daniel Jones has been dealing with an ankle injury that may keep him sidelined for this week, and Tyrod Taylor is in the concussion protocol.

With Jones and Taylor likely unavailable, the Giants have Davis Webb on the practice squad, and he's projected to be called up and start Sunday. Still, New York will need another quarterback to back up Webb.

"We'll probably work out a few quarterbacks," Giants head coach Brian Daboll said Monday. "Whether we sign them or not, I think that's dependent on some of these guys here."

What will it take for Jones to actually play Sunday? Daboll won't jump to conclusions yet, but he's preparing for the scenario Webb may be his QB1 this week. 

"I'm just going to take it each day and see how he is," Daboll said of Jones. "If he can practice and go out there and perform the things we need him to do, great. If he needs a day, he needs a day. I think it's case-by-case with all those guys. 

"Obviously, he's played a lot of football. I trust him and where he's at. I just think that we as a coaching staff have got to do a good job of watching him, evaluating him, getting all the information we need to get to make the best decision for him and the team as we can."

What are the Giants' options for a potential starter and backup on Sunday if Jones and Taylor can't go? The cupboard is bare.

Davis Webb (starter)

Webb is the front runner since he's been on the practice squad throughout the season and is essentially the No. 3 quarterback. The former third-round pick has only played seven snaps in his NFL career -- never throwing a pass. 

"Davis has been in our offense for quite some time," Daboll said. "He knows the ins and outs of it, so if he has to play, we'll do everything we can, and I know he will, to be ready to play."

Daboll doesn't seem convinced Webb could be the starter yet. Remember, other teams can sign him off their practice squad to their active roster if they so choose. 

"In terms of where we're at at that point, I don't think we're at that point just yet to make a decision," Daboll said. "We'll let this thing play out."

A.J. McCarron (backup)

McCarron was with Daboll in 2018 when Daboll was the offensive coordinator in Buffalo. He was traded to the Oakland Raiders in September, but spent the entire offseason and training camp with the Bills. The Giants did bring in McCarron for a workout, per NFL Network

McCarron has started four games in his NFL career and thrown 174 passes. He's completed 62.6% of his passes for 1,173 yards with six touchdowns to three interceptions (86.7 rating). He hasn't played in a game since the 2020 season. 

Matt Barkley (backup)

Another Bills connection here. Barkley was with Buffalo from the 2018 to 2020 seasons and is currently on the Bills practice squad. He spent three years in Daboll's offense, completing 54.6% of his passes for 788 yards with three touchdowns to four interceptions for a 74.6 rating. 

Barkley knows the offense, so he'd be a reliable backup in an emergency situation. 

Cam Newton (backup)

If the Giants want a quarterback to just hand the ball off -- sure. Newton is just a name at this stage in his career, and not exactly a player a rebuilding team typically signs -- even if that team is 3-1 and in the NFC East race. 

Newton is a free agent for a reason.