For the second time in just a few weeks, Antonio Brown is a free agent. His first stint on the open market following his release from the Oakland Raiders didn't last long as he signed with the New England Patriots just hours later. This time around, Brown may be waiting around a bit longer for the phone to ring. 

On Friday, the Patriots cut bait with Brown after being on the roster for just 11 days. His agent Drew Rosenhaus said in a statement that Brown is "looking forward to his next opportunity in the NFL" and "hopes to play for another team soon."

Could that next opportunity be Seattle? After all, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll did admit a few weeks ago that they were looking into bringing Brown aboard before he ultimately signed with New England. 

Now, however, it doesn't look like Brown will be heading to the Pacific Northwest. When asked about that possibility during his press conference on Friday, Carroll essentially said "no" just about as nicely as he can. 

"We're pretty well set right now," Carroll told reporters. "We kind of know where we're going with that." 

Boy, how things can change in just a few weeks. 

The NFL is investigating Brown following allegations of sexual assault and allegations of intimidation by a second accuser. Had those stories been brought to light prior to him already being on the roster, it's hard to imagine the Patriots (or Seahawks) pursuing him in the first place.